David Gigan

Boxer Wrong for California

In Politics on October 20, 2010 at 5:58 pm

California is in debt, and I believe Carly Fiorina will better facilitate economic recovery.

Senator Boxer is a supporter of large government and has been hostile to business. While this may make good politics, the truth is, we need successful businesses in California. In fact, I have heard Senator Boxer on a number of occasions attack “the corporations” as universally problematic – while working to expand the federal government at breakneck pace. As Senator Boxer criticizes Fiorina for outsourcing, I can’t believe that Senator Boxer has created a positive climate for businesses to thrive at home.

In fact, she hasn’t.

Even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is criticizing Barbara Boxer and her anti-business voting record. In the present recession, it seems to me, we shouldn’t irrationally demonize all companies and impose inappropriate taxes to fill Washington’s coffers; this only forces businesses overseas. Impulsively attacking businesses is not good for Californians who need jobs, affordable services, and stable 401Ks to promote recovery and elevate us out of this recession.

I also believe that Carly Fiorina will demonstrate more respect for the men and women in uniform. As a retired combat veteran who served a year-long tour in Iraq, I promise you that deployed soldiers are not perched in Humvees nor nestled in cots watching Senate hearings. However, they do become aware when high profile politicians put down soldiers. Whether on YouTube or viral email, when members of the military see a Senator publicly belittling a general without cause – it is both confusing in nature and political in tone. I understand that some in Senator Boxer’s base may not care for the military. That’s politics: I get it, and they are entitled to their opinion. But Senator Boxer’s public “dressing down” of Brigadier General Michael Walsh was just unnecessary: she could have easily and more appropriately approached him person-to- person during a break.

While her public chiding may have caused her liberal political base to erupt in cheers, it did nothing to promote real-world issues facing the military, such as readiness and retention. Members of the military need to know that Senators respect them and value them – especially when they spend so much time oversees lately. In her lambasting of the general, Senator Boxer lectured: “I worked so hard to get that title.” I would respectfully submit that military members may consider patrolling a dangerous street in 120 degree heat to be hard work, learning to fix a fighter plane under combat conditions to be hard work, sleeping in an gunner’s chair to be hard work, and yes even kissing your small child “good bye” as you board a plane for a year’s deployment in Iraq to be hard work. Senator Boxer enjoys a position of privilege and power and trust given to her by Californians. I think it is reasonable that our Senator treat men and women in uniform – not with servility, but with a modest degree of respect.

Carly Fiorina is not perfect, yet I believe she will bring a balance of power in Washington, keep spending down, and let the men and women serving in uniform know that we care about them. Senator Boxer has served for some time now, and I believe California could use a fresh start.


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