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Radical Code Pink Supports “Beloved” Barbara Boxer, do you?

In Politics on October 21, 2010 at 2:08 pm

Code Pink supports their “Beloved” Barbara Boxer. Code Pink says:

Just as word of this news reached us, we also heard from our beloved Barbara Boxer, who had dug into her bag of tricks and put a HOLD vote on this issue, with a request for more information, which the State Department is still sitting on. Thanks to her, we have won a few more days to press forward with our campaign against Bolton. We THANK Barbara Boxer yet again for being a true representative of the people and for standing up to the bullies in the White House and Congress. We ask everyone, especially her Californian constituents, to call Barbara Boxer to THANK HER, and to support her in BLOCKING THE VOTE!

While Barbara continues this fight in the Senate, there is much more you can do:

Code Pink Barbara Boxer, really?

Additionally, Boxer is demonstrating further arrogance by denying a military mother’s request for  the letter in support of Code Pink and bearing her signature -the Code Pink ‘Fallujah Aid” letter.  I wonder why no main stream media source has seen fit to request the letter as well.